This site contains a collection of very short minihowtos of various programs, and the idea is to get people startedsweden_snow
using these programs, without having to read a lot of  documentation. These minihowtos does not cover everything,
only what I find is the most important things, and is without guarantee for any mistakes or errors, to save my time.
Supplementary you may consult all the gigantic amount of documentation, which exists elsewhere (the Internet etc).
I consider myself an enduser, and I have read lots and lots of documentation of various kinds, to be able to make this site,
and I am not a programmer (their brains seem to be  constructed different and vice versa *humour*).
To use these minihowtos, it is easiest to print them out.          These minihowtos to be used on your own responsibility.       
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                                           Please note: These minihowtos are Free to Use.    

List of Minihowtos contained on this website:                    To download and open a minihowto:

About                                                                Download
A short explanation about what is

A Good Life Howto                                                                               Download "A Good Life Howto" minihowto
An instruction to keep your body healthy up into an old age.

A learning howto                                                                                 Download "A Learning Howto" minihowto

Akregator rss news and newspaper reader                                       Download "Akregator rss news and newspaper reader minihowto"
Akregator is a KDE application for reading online news feeds e.g. newspaper online.

Ark version 2.6.4 an archiving tool                                                     Download ARK minihowto
A program to store (or extract) several files into one big file (called an archive file).

Bittorrent, a download manager                                                        Download Bittorrent minihowto
A file sharing program, mainly used to download big files (ISO files).

Cannabis ingestion (eating) minihowto
An easy way to ingest (eat) marijuana or cannabis

Command line of Linux (konsole)                                                       Download "Linux commands minihowto"
A list of the Linux commands, I use most, also explains what a konsole (bash or xterm) is.

Compile and install a program                                                            Download "Compile and install" minihowto
Examples of how to compile and install a program from a tarball source file (programname.tar.gz or programname.tar.bz2)

dd backup of an encrypted partition using puppy linux                    Download "dd backup of an encrypted partition using puppy minihowto 
Examples of how to backup -or restore a harddisk or a partition with the "dd" command using puppy 4.00 linux (probably more easy for a linux newbie to use)

dd_backup_of_a_partition_howto                                                        Download "dd_backup_of_a_partition_howto" minihowto
A short explanation of how to backup a partition or a harddisk, using the "dd" command - please note that you can even backup an encrypted harddisk or encrypted partition

Deb package install howto                                                                  Download "deb package install minihowto"
A short explanation about how to install a deb package from the command line

Download and burn an Image ISO file                                               Download "Download and burn an ISO image file minihowto"
An ISO file is one big file,  containing many files, typical a whole linux distribution.

Easy install of encrypted ubuntu 8.04 howto                                    Download "Easy install of encrypted ubuntu 8.04 minihowto"
Small minihowto about how to install an encrypted ubuntu 8.04 on either a partition or a whole harddisk, without using "logical volumes - LVM"

Encryption, Kgpg version 1.2.2                                                           Download Kgpg encryption tool minihowto
Encryption is a way to make files unreadable to other people, and to keep the contents secret (text, pictures, videos etc).

Encrypted ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron alternate install                       Download encrypted ubuntu 8.04 install minihowto
A small minihowto about how to install an encrypted version of ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Encryption of a directory using Fuse and Encfs                                Download Encryption of a directory minihowto
How to encrypt one or more directories containing your sensitive images, files etc. using the Fuse and Encfs system

External harddisk, how to use                                                            Download External harddisk minihowto
Howto partition, format and use an external harddisk or usb stick

File Manager, How to use the filesystem                                           Download File Manager, How to use the filesystem minihowto
An instruction of how to copy, move and edit files etc.

Firestarter version 1.0.3 a firewall                                                     Download Firestarter mininowto
A firewall is a program to make your computer invincible to the Internet.

Flexbackup backup                                                                              Download Flexbackup minihowto
A simple command line backup program for linux

Freenet_version_0.7_sept_2008_(NEW)                                            Download Freenet minihowto (sept. 2008 NEW)
Freenet is a network in the Internet, where people can share information in a secret, encrypted way, to prevent censorship - this is a new version of Freenet Minihowto as per sept. 2008

Gimp version 2.2                                                                                 Download Gimp minihowto
Gimp is most important image manipulation program in Linux, where you can edit your pictures etc.

Google minihowto                                                                               Download the Google minihowto
Google is the most important search engine of our time (2007), to find information on the Internet.

Gparted_version_0.2.5                                                                        Download GParted minihowto           
A program to partition (split up in parts) your harddisk.

"How to get help when a -----------------" Has been removed due to complains about some links!!!

Internet explained                                                                               Download Internet explained minihowto
An attempt to explain what the Internet really is, in a very short way.

K3B CD Burning, version 1.0.3                                                            Download K3B minihowto
K3B is a cd/dvd burning program to burn iso files, data files, audio files and to copy cd/dvd's

Kalarm_version_1.4.15                                                                        Download Kalarm minihowto
Kalarm is a personal alarm program which can give alarm both as a pop-up window and as an e-mail

KDE Setup, version 3.5.6                                                                    Download KDE Setup minihowto  
An explanation of how to set the KDE desktop manager up to your needs -and liking.

Klipper version 0.9.7                                                                            Download Klipper minihowto
Klipper is a clipboard history program, used to store many text pieces, for later use.

Kmail version 1.9.6                                                                              Download Kmail minihowto 
A mail program, to send and receive e-mails.

Kmix and sound setup                                                                        Download Kmix and sound minihowto
KMix is KDE's soundcard mixer program, also shown a very short sound set up

Kompozer how to make a website minihowto                                   Download how to make a website using Kompozer minihowto
Kompozer is an efficient simple webeditor. Here is shown how to make a complete website, using a webhotel, including how to upload files -and directories etc.

kompozer website minihowto VIDEO                                                  Download kompozervideo      KompozerVideo.torrent
A video about how to make a simple website using kompozer and firefox and dolphin file manager

Konqueror version 3.5.6 a File Manager                                            Download Konqueror File Manager minihowto
An explanation about how the Konqueror webbrowser works as a File Manager.

Konqueror Webbrowser and File Manager                                         Download Konqueror webbrowser minihowto                                  
Konqueror is both a webbrowser -and a file manager.

Krename version 3.0.13                                                                      Download Krename minihowto
A program to rename files.

KSirc version 1.3.12                                                                            Download KSirc minihowto
Another chat program.

Ksnapshot the KDE screenshot program                                           Download Ksnapshot minihowto
A program to take screenshots (single images) of the whole screen, or part of the screen.

Kubuntu Install                                                                                   Download Kubuntu Install minihowto
Howto install the Kubuntu Linux distribution (the operating synstem and the basic programs).

Linux distribution, which to choose                                                  Download "Which Linux distribution minihowto"  
A short explanation of the differences between the Linux distributions.

Lynx version 2.8.5                                                                              Download Lynx minihowto
A textual webbrowser (a very fast webbrowser without images).

Naming of harddisk devices in linux                                                Download "Naming of harddisk devices in Linux"
Describes how harddisk -usb device names in Linux are applied - "/dev/hda - /dev/sda1 - etc" are examples.

Network Setup                                                                                    Dowload Network Setup minihowto
A very short explanation of how to set up a small home network (connect two -or more computers, so you can share files etc.)

OpenOffice Writer 2.3.0                                                                      Download OpenOffice writer minihowto
A very short user manual of how to use the Writer text editor

Partimage Backup                                                                              Download Partimage Backup minihowto
A program to backup -or restore a single partition (e.g. your whole Linux distribution, with your personal data).

Recoll free text search tool v. 1.9.0                                                    Download Recoll minihowto
A free text search program a la google to find almost any text -or file on your harddisk

Scrapbook, another webpage manager                                             Download Scrapbook minihowto
A Firefox extension program to keep lots of important webpages on your harddisk (an easy way to save lots of Internet information for your personal use, works also as a bookmark program)-

Skype older debian ubuntu versions can be downloaded here
Older ubuntu debian versions of Skype can be downloaded from here - where can i find older debian skypes versions

Strigi version 0.5.5 a local search engine                                          Download Strigi minihowto
A search program, so you very fast can find almost any files on your harddisk.

Super Grub Disk (SGD) version 0.9588                                             Download Super Grub Disk minihowto
A program to easy restore your Grub bootloader, in case of problems.

Synaptic Packet Manager                                                                   Download Synaptic Packet Manager minihowto
A program to install -and uninstall *.deb (apt) programs (packages), and to check your program files etc.

Systemrescuecd live cd                                                                      Download Systemrescuecd minihowto
A live cd with a collection of some of the most important linux tools - programs

Text editing                                                                                          Download the "Text editing" minihowto
An explanation of how to edit text (e.g. in an text editor like Kwrite/Kate"

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Alternate Install                                       Download Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Install minihowto
A very short install explanation, mostly shown by screenshots

Web_page_creation_simple_way_explained (4/2015)

Wget_version_1.10.2                                                                           Download the wget minihowto
Wget download program is a stable command line downloader, used to download whole websites etc.

To download and open a minihowto:

Open a shell konsole.

"mkdir /home/user/downloads" (Then a directory of the name "downloads" will be created) ("user" is your linux username).

Then click on one of the download links, and a *.tgz file will be downloaded to your komputer.

Choose "save to disk" and click "OK", and the file will be saved to "Desktop" (by default), or choose another directory.

Right click on the *.tgz file, and choose "Extract - extract to" .

Choose /home/user/downloads and click "OK" (presumed you have kde and the ark archive program installed).

A directory containing the Freenet minihowto will then have been created in /home/user/downloads.

Click on the *.html file in this directory to open the minihowto.

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